• During more than 30 years BELT has created the most spectacular and unique metal art pieces, hand and custom made for the most exquisite tastes. We are proud to be considered among the world’s best sculpturers of metal. Our work is present in a number of the most exclusive locations in the world.

    BELT is a family owned company created originally in Bogota, Colombia by Louis Beltran, Architect, who studied Art and Sculpture at L’Ecole des beaux Arts and Urban Design at L’Ecole National des Ponts et Chausées in Parisa and His wife Angela, Architect, also studied Building Industrialization in Paris. 

    Since the birth of BELT, we have been committed to exceeding the expectations of our distinguished clientele by working side by side with the owners, architects, builders and interior designers to fully interpret their dreams and inspirations. This mutual effort has consistently delivered special art pieces appreciated by all involved in this process. 
Our multidisciplinary creative team lead by the Maestro, Louis Beltran, will tailor any project around the world where metal and luxury may fuse to create expressions of Classic, Traditional, or Contemporary expressions for our clients.

    Who We Are

  • PASSION for Art, Design, Architecture & Luxury is combined with our deepest belief that Every Dream is Possible. Thus we strive to interpret, translate and materialize our client’s dream into breathtaking metal art pieces that enhance the beauty of architecture and the design of any project.

    INSPIRATION comes from all the ornament expression in Europe and around the globe, its techniques and values are reinterpreted to co-create both classic and contemporary works.

    “When our client shares its dream and BELT shares its knowledge, background and know how, we stop looking at each other and start looking towards the same horizon”

    Why we exist

  • Our extraordinary work is hand made in Colombia where the company has a large team of trained artisans that use ancient techniques with great artistic value.

    Our processes include forging, sand casting, ceramic casting, lost wax casting, and repoussage, which are complemented by traditional manual processes of assembling and finishes. All processes required for our special work are performed in-house assuring the outstanding quality.

    We use wrought iron, aluminum, bronze, brass, copper & stainless steel. Each year we create collections with complementary materials such as textiles, wood, glass, marble, alabaster & many others that give a great value to our pieces. Among our projects developed worldwide we create the finest metal works such as gates, lights, railings, balconies, doors, wine cellars, canopies, kitchen hoods, tailored furniture and many other one of a kind pieces.

    How we do What we do