39 Ember Oaks Residence
August 17 2015
The railings is all done and it looks outstanding. I've worked with John for many years on this project. John was excellent in his communication skills and very easy to work with. He work with me on all my concerns and the installation went together perfectly. John is a great person and did his job extremely well and I believe he went above and beyond to make this job go so smoothly.

I really like working with Boris, he made the installation look so easy. I do know how difficult of a task it is and how much detail you have to be aware of to make the installation go so smoothly. Boris And his assistant made a great team. They worked very hard and a lot got accomplished every day.

It is very hard to impress me and John and Boris Impressed me and exceeded my expectations.

You never hear enough of good things in this business but I thought I'd spend a few moments to put down my thoughts and my experiences on this project.

You have a great company and great employees to be able to perform what I experienced.

I would highly recommend using your company again and to anybody else that's considering a project from your company.

Great job and thank You.

Mike Stolz
Job Supervisor
Schroeder Homes
Maria Forte. Forte Residence [Current Project]
January 15 2013
" ...I was in my office when a member of Accolade sent me a picture of the balcony railing and design but it was so intricate that I decided to drive over and see for myself. I have to admit that I was immediately transported to an imaginary spot in Europe somewhere. It could have been Paris, Florence or Rome since I have admired this type of ironwork in those cities but have never really seen anything like it in Miami. It is a magnificent piece that I will admire and treaure for as long as we live in our new house and have to admit that after all the years of construction, design, plans etc. this will be my very favorite piece of "art".

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for designing it and to all the individuals involved in the construction and production of it and I am just sorry this balcony is not showcased in a more visible area for others to admire its exquisite and elegant design which I am sure will be written about and photographed by anyone who is an admirer of old world arquitecture and outstanding beauty and uniqueness. Please share my thoughts and gratitude with those that labored over this piece and make sure they understand how absolutely pleased I am and how proud that it is my personal area of the house. I will spend many breezy and sunny afternoons surrounded by the work you created.
I am so looking forward to seeing the completion of the work we commissioned you with and I am thrilled to have your very special touch in this house which we have, for so long, looked forward to.

Thank you also for your thoughtful christmas gift and maybe one day my very special balcony will be added to your published portfolio.

Con Muchisimo Cariño"