Our Story

“We believe every dream is possible. When one shares their dreams and desires, and we share our talent, know-how and passion, we start walking together towards the same horizon while creating breathtaking masterpieces.”

Louis Beltran


Our Story 2 - Belt Atelier

We exist to imagine, create and build: we are more than a manufacturer that does what they tell it; we are able to imagine inspired by our customers, create what that vision brings and build it with the highest standards.

We elevate the art of the handmade and the design: we have developed a ‘tool’ like no other, the one that has accompanied the human being since the beginning of time, the hands, the handmade gives excellent value to what we do, and we want to take this value to the top so that those who preserve art over time and those who do it are valued for this.

Our Story - Belt Atelier

“To enrich the spaces we live in; unique pieces create unique experiences, though our work we want people to feel inspired and empowered by the pieces we create for the spaces they enjoy, live or enterntain, We create inspiring designs for passionate lives.”