The maestro

Artist Statment

I am a dreamer who believes that every dream is possible, embracing the divine power of creativity, teamwork, and the contemplation of nature as a sacred temple reflecting a perspective that finds beauty, inspiration, and meaning.

Louis Beltran, stands out as a multifaceted artist, sculptor, architect, designer, and entrepreneur, leading the creative vision of BELT. Born in Armenia, Colombia, Louis comes from a family of dreamers and artists, which nurtured his creativity from an early age. Immersed in the lush Colombian landscapes, his artistic journey began with a deep connection to nature and evolved into the exploration of history, spirituality, and science.

Louis's competitive spirit and diverse cultural experiences shaped 'El Maestro.' His architectural ventures, alongside his wife Luz Angela, reflect their commitment to design. As co-founders of BELT, they overcame challenges, making it a benchmark in South America. Louis has led over 180 professionals, bringing more than 2,000 projects to life globally, emphasizing excellence in design.

Over 38 years, Louis transformed BELT into a global creative force, with handmade pieces reflecting creativity, quality, and meticulous attention. Rooted in drawing, his creative process embodies divine power, teamwork, and contemplation of nature, finding beauty in every stroke.

Highlighted Achievements

Global Presence

Early work in Colombia and neighboring countries.
Projects: Involved in the design of luxury projects, including commercial buildings, offices, apartments, luxury residences, restaurants, urban park comprehensive design, landscape, and urban furniture, supermarkets, gourmet, and luxury.

Led projects on all four continents, specializing in sculpting with metal and various materials. Conceptualized, designed, developed, specified, manufactured, and installed.

Project Diversity
Worked on residential, commercial, and institutional projects, with a focus on places of worship and exclusive commissioned artworks for personal collections and private residences.

Places of Worship
Contributed to the design and construction of churches for Catholic, Jewish, and Mormon communities.

Furniture Design
Designed hotel and home furniture for interiors and exteriors, including furniture lines, urban furniture, lamps, and luxury interiors and exteriors.

Co-founder of several construction and design promotion companies in the luxury sector in Colombia. Urban and planning leader at the department of Planning, Bogotá District.